Taniwha Horse Group

The Taniwha Horse Group is an equine industry focused group company which specializes in thoroughbred breeding, trades, races and other related industries. The company is headquartered in Auckland CBD, New Zealand's largest city. The main business is thoroughbred investment and breeding stud investment.
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Industry partners

Taniwha Horse Group is proudly partnered with New Zealand’s leading Jockey club and thoroughbred provider.

BEST Services

Taniwha Horse Group was set up to provide the BEST services to Chinese New Zealanders and help them get into the equine industry.

BEST Horses

NZ is one of the best countries in the world that provides high-quality Thoroughbreds, Taniwha Horse Group will provide you only with the BEST ones.


Taniwha Horse Group would provide you with the GREATEST fun of racing globally.


All horses are owned by Taniwha Horse Group

Vision & Mission

The VISION of Taniwha Horse Group is to be one of the world’s TOP equine investment companies. The MISSION of Taniwha Horse Group is to provide the BEST thoroughbreds constantly.

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