About Taniwha Horse Group

Taniwha Horse Group is a New Zealand’s professional equine-related agency for the Chinese community, adhering to the concept of friends making through horse racing activities and developing new business opportunities. We aim to promote the exchange and cooperation between New Zealand and the Chinese horseracing industry, bringing together people who love horses and jointly investing in horse racing; participate in horse racing exchanges, enjoy events, build a platform for exchanges with New Zealand's mainstream society, and promote economic and cultural exchanges and development. The purpose of Taniwha Horse Group is: to actively participate, enjoy happiness, pursue success!

Board members

Meet our team, a group of professional and talented horse racing experts.

Alan Fu

Managing Director

Sir Owen Glenn KNZM


Professional Consulting Team

Taniwha is supported by the famous equine industry experts.

Paul Moroney

Jayven See

Yusuke Tsukahara

Jonathan Hope